Wall mounted air conditioners in montreal

Split & Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Montreal


Wall mounted air conditioners, also known as Split Systems are ideal for homes or condos that do not have existing ductwork. Wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps come in various sizes from 9000 to 30000 BTUs.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

These units are a less expensive alternative to central air conditioning and are exceptionally quiet and efficient. Stylish, slim and elegant, the wall mounted split system incorporates two major components. One is mounted to an inside wall that delivers cool and refreshing air to the room. A second unit is located outside the home or condo, connected by a simple pair of refrigerant lines.

Split & Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Montreal

Central air conditioning systems

In the hottest of days a central air conditioner cools your home with precision, Keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. A smart investment in Comfort and efficiency, Central Air Conditioning can help you overcome the Hot and humid days with reliable operation.

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Split & Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Montreal

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