Solar powered air conditioners for your home


Montreal Summit Air Inc. Is proud to offer its new line of solar powered air conditioners. These air conditioning systems are perfect for residential customers looking to reduce their home electric bills. Making use of the sun's power with solar panels, this extra energy can be used to not only cool or heat your home, but to also power other appliances and electronics throughout. Solar panels will make you less dependent on electricity from Hydro Quebec, and the surplus energy generated by the solar panels will even go back to the utility company for credit.


Solar Air Conditioner

Reduce your air conditioning and heating cost by using air conditioners or heat pumps that make use of the power of the sun


Montreal Summit Air’s solar powered air conditioning units offer a large array of innovative features that go well beyond solar technology. Our solar ready air conditioners can be easily integrated with solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. This will in turn reduce your air conditioning and heating bills by 50%.

Solar split air conditioning system

Home solar powered air conditioning systems from one of the premier air conditioning companies in Montreal

Each one of the solar air conditioner systems from Montreal Summit Air Inc. comes with an industry leading warranty and meets or exceeds the most Stringent heating and air conditioning standards, so you can be sure that you are using a high quality solar powered product for your home at an affordable price. Air conditioning your home using solar panels does not have to cost much. You can even receive a credit or eliminate your air conditioner bill by using one of our solar powered air conditioning systems or ductless solar powered air conditioners.

Solar powered air conditioner installation by some of the best professionals in Montreal

Are you in the process of replacing your current air conditioner? If you hope to save money in the long run, this solar-powered alternative is definitely the best choice for you. Solar modules even come with a 25 year warranty. Feel free to contact us to receive more information about this technology.


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