Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Air Conditioning And Heat Pump Systems.

Question: How expensive are Air Conditioning and Heat Pump units.

Answer: Factors that affect the cost of a system include the size of your home, the type of the installation and the cost of additional accessories.

Question: What is involved in the installation of a new Air Conditioning or Heat Pump system.

Answer: If a system is being added to the home for the first time, our team will determine if ductwork is required, will additional electrical work Be needed and what type of system would be the optimum.

Question: How long can I expect a new system to last.

Answer: If regular maintenance is performed, industry averages suggest That an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump should last 12-­‐15 years.

Question: What is covered in my warranty.

Answer: All products come with the manufacturers warranty on parts And labor specified in accordance with the warranty’s terms and Conditions.

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